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Please take time to look at the community service projects your club supports and see if there might be a way to freshen how you go about them.  Look to our CFWC Chairmen fro some great projects to try and see what ideas you might get from the GFWC Club Manual.

Remember to reach out in new ways to your community. Become visible in local events, publicize your activities and try using social media to attract new members. And above all, be kind.

Welcome to the 2016-1018 Administration.  Starting as the San Bernardino County Federation in 1914, all the way to the reincorporation in 2014, we have been serving our local communities for over 100 years. The founding members set the standard for volunteerism and service throughout our vast District.

The chosen theme "Love is all you need", speaks to the big hearts and generous spirits of our members.  Never doubt that your efforts make a difference in your communities, our state, nation, and the world.  If not for the light we shine on matters that need changing and improvement, all our lives would be diminished.  And without love, it is merely an empty promise.. Clubwomen have always believed that by uniting in a common purpose, change can happen.

As we move forward into our 2nd century, let's work to continue to expand our efforts. My hope is that each club will look at new and improved ways to serve.

Welcome  -  "The Possibilities of Today

are the Successes of Tomorrow"

GFWC/CFWC San Bernardino District's seventeen women's clubs are affiliated with the California Federation of Women's Clubs (CFWC). The CFWC is part of an international community service organization (GFWC) which provides education, training and interaction opportunities for volunteers who are comitted to individual growth and community improvement to enrich the quality of life throughout California and the world. The Clubs of CFWC are located throughout California with the primary purposes of carrying out charitable service programs, providing leadership opportunities, and enriching the lives of its members through personal growth.

President's Message

Lynne Youngstrom


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